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Questions & Answers

You've Got Questions?  We've got Answers!

Here are some questions and remarks we encounter on a daily basis. Send us your question or tell us what you think.

Why do I need an accountant?
Eighty percent of new businesses in the U.S. fail within the first 5 years. Generally this is due to poor financial advice, under-capitalization and poor financial planning.  A good accountant is a trusted advisor who can help you understand your financial picture, secure working capital, plan for the future, avoid tax penalties and reduce your taxes. In Europe and Canada, where businesses tend to rely on their accountant's insights, the failure rate of business is much lower.

I use QuickBooks. Why would I need your help?
QuickBooks is a robust and efficient program for bookkeeping. However, you might not know how to properly categorize expenses for tax purposes, or according to the constantly changing tax laws.  What's more, as certified Intuit-trained QuickBooks pros, we can help you unlock the full power of QuickBooks analytic tools.

Aren't accountants expensive?
As long as you follow our advice you should be able to both save and make more money. Having an accountant that is accessible and responsive can help you avoid the many financial pitfalls than can put your business into a downward spiral. Additionally, because BBS is tax-certified by the IRS, we keep up with  the voluminous changes in tax law to make sure we maximize deductions as well as avoid penalties and late fees for you. 

I'm just starting out and haven't got a lot of extra money for accounting services.
Our services are provided at a fixed rate, and we can put together a package for you that is affordable.  Then you can add on more services as you build up your business.

Consider accounting as an investment in your business that will provide you with greater returns. You'll learn to better track, budget and handle your finances.

Call 856.596.4500 today with your question or for a  30-minute complementary consultation with a Barton Business Solutions Accountant.

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